The Browse search method could be useful for first-time users as a way of finding their way into the Northern Territory Archives Service (NTAS) collection. If you are not sure what area you are interested in, you might find it useful to scan the list of agencies to locate the entries relevant to your area of research. We also have some research guides to assist with specific areas of interest
When searching in Archives Navigator you are searching for contextual information about the archives collection of the Northern Territory Archives Service. Contextual information includes what archives were created, who created them and why, how they were used, and how they relate to other archives. Click here for a detailed explanation of our Archival Control System and the terminology used.
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The NTAS Archival Control System consists of hierarchically related components. The two available here are:
Agency : an administrative unit which has or had responsibility for the provision of at least one aspect of government administration.
Series : a group of archives which are recorded or maintained by the same agency (or agencies) and which have similar characteristics.
Click here for a detailed explanation of our Archival Control System and the terminology used.

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Your search will produce a Results Table with one or more results. Each option will have a link to its Details page where you can get full information about that option. There will be further links on the Details page to other components in the NTAS Archival Control System. Often you will need to navigate down or up through your search results to find the information you need.