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1586 Ida Standley Preschool

Date Range:1959 - ct


The Ida Standley Preschool was officially opened in February 1959 in Alice Springs, Central Australia, Northern Territory.

The first teacher and director was Nancy Barnes (nee Brumbie) who was also the first qualified Aboriginal preschool teacher in Australia.
Miss Janet Weir of Alice Springs, who was awarded a Scholarship in 1956, completed her training at the Adelaide Kindergarten Training College and was appointed Assistant Teacher at the Ida Standley Pre-School in February 1959.

The preschool is named after Ida Standley who held the first teaching position in the first school in Alice Springs/Stuart, Northern Territory, from 1914-1928. In 1929, she received the Member of the Order of the British Empire, services to child welfare in Central Australia. Ida Standley retired from teaching in 1929 and died in Sydney in 1948.


Welfare Branch, 1955-1970. See Agency 695 for detailed information.
[Welfare Branch, Northern Territory Administration, Annual Report 1958/1959, page 104

Portfolio Controlling

Minister for Education [II] 2021 - ct


Preschool education


'Welfare Branch is represented on this [Northern Territory Pre-school] Association by the Director of Welfare and the Pre-School Supervisor who are ex-officio members.
The Association's function is to act in an advisory capacity when forming policy affecting pre-school centres and to act as the co-ordinating body for all pre-school groups in the Northern Territory.'
[Welfare Branch, Northern Territory Administration, Annual Report 1958/1959, page 104

'Functions and Responsibilities of the Welfare Branch
Broadly speaking, the functions of the Welfare Branch are, under the direction of the Administrator, to provide and administer, native, child, and community welfare services (including pre-school education) throughout the Northern Territory. This means in effect that the Welfare Branch is responsible in the Northern Territory for those services normally provided and administered by State Departments concerned with child, social, family, and native welfare.

These functions are given legislative expression in a number of ordinances, the chief of which are the Welfare, Ward Employment and Child Welfare Ordinances.'
[Welfare Branch, Northern Territory Administration, Annual Report 1958/1959, page 2

Superior Agencies

Date RangeTitleAgency Id
1959 - 1970Welfare Branch695
1971 - 1973Northern Territory Education Branch648
1973 - 1978Northern Territory Education Division649

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NTRS 4820Student roll books1975 - 20033Agreement PendingAlice Springs