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NTRS 3651 Sheep, swine and goat brands registration certificate book

Recording Agency:Stock and Brands Department/ Veterinary and Stock Department (1198)
Date Range:1936 - 1984
Access:Agreement Pending
Location:Darwin (NTAC)
Legacy Series Id:

How to Use the Records

The volume in this series may be used in conjunction with the sheep, swine and goat brands files (NTRS 3633), which are arranged numerically by file number.

Function / Content

This series consists of a distinctive brand registration certificate book used for the administration of sheep, goat and swine identification in the Northern Territory. Under the Northern Territory Brands Act and Regulations, the owner of any sheep, swine or goat could forward to the Registrar of Brands an application for the registration of a brand consisting of one or more letters, conjoined or separated. A brand was made or impressed with red or black paint, raddle or dye, or by tattooing, in the position specified by the Registrar in the certificate of registration of the brand. The Registrar of Brands presented the owner with a certificate of registration of the brand, with a copy of the certificate retained with the Registrar in the registration certificate book. The registration certificate book provides information including a description of the brand, certificate number, name and address of the owner, reference number to the Registrar's file and folio number relating to the brand, and the date of registration. Certificates were updated to indicate transfers and cancellations.

Recordkeeping System

By certificate number

Recording Agency

PeriodTitleAgency Id
1936 - 1946Stock and Brands Department/ Veterinary and Stock Department1198

Agency Responsible

PeriodTitleAgency Id
1936 - 1946Stock and Brands Department/ Veterinary and Stock Department1198
2016 - 2020Department of Primary Industry and Resources1290

Related Series

Transfer DateSeriesSeries Id
1936 - 1981Brands and earmarks files for sheep swine and goats with an 'S' prefixNTRS 3633


Consignment IdNumber of UnitsContents Date RangePublic AccessDescription
P000111936 - 1984Agreement Pending