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NTRS 4820 Student roll books

Recording Agency:Ida Standley Preschool (1586)
Date Range:1975 - 2003
Access:Agreement Pending
Location:Alice Springs
Legacy Series Id:

How to Use the Records

The date range for each roll book is the first and last date of attendance for the school year.

Function / Content

This series consists of school roll books that record information about students at Ida Standley Preschool. Student details recorded include name, date of birth and gender. The names of teachers and teaching assistants are often recorded. Statistics recorded in the roll books include number of students enrolled; total days of attendance and average days of attendance - per week and school term; and number of days that the school was open. Remarks and notes in some roll books include reasons for a student's absence, as well as school-related activities and excursions.

Recordkeeping System


Recording Agency

PeriodTitleAgency Id
1975 - 2003Ida Standley Preschool1586

Agency Responsible

PeriodTitleAgency Id
1975 - 2003Ida Standley Preschool1586


Consignment IdNumber of UnitsContents Date RangePublic AccessDescription
P000131975 - 2003Agreement Pending