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516 Uniting Church of Australia, Northern Synod

Date Range:No Date - No Date

Inventory of Series

Series IdSeries TitleSeries Date RangeNumber of UnitsPublic AccessLocation
NTRS 47Records relating to the Centre Presbytery, including Alice Springs and Tennant CreekNo Date - No Date0Part OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 48Records relating to the Kimberley PresbyteryNo Date - No Date0Part OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 51Records relating to Central Australian InstitutionsNo Date - No Date0Part OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 38Records relating to Warruwi Township1915 - 19810OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 45Records relating to Arnhem Land1918 - 19750OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 40Records relating to Milingimbi Township1945 - 19830OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 52Records relating to the Aboriginal Advisory Development Services and Civic Economic Development Committee1945 - 19830OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 46Records relating to the Arafura Presbytery1947 - 19830OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 37Records relating to Minijilang Township1952 - 19820OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 62Accounting and administrative records1955 - c 19610OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 781General correspondence and administration records1956 - 19860Agreement PendingDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 56Records relating to Aboriginal affairs1959 - 19810OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 53Records relating to the Methodist Overseas Mission1961 - 19780OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 43Records relating to Yirrkala Township1963 - 19800OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 61Records relating to government organisations1963 - 19830OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 50Records relating to child care, Sommerville Homes, Darwin1964 - 19790Part OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 55Records relating to the Northern Synod and Joint Planning Committee1966 - 19830OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 41Records relating to Galiwinku (Elcho Island) Township1969 - 19830OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 44Records relating to Nhulunbuy Parish1969 - 19800OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 58Records relating to education and health1970 - 19840OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 59Records relating to mining1970 - 19830OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 60Records relating to religious organisations1970 - 19820OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 39Records relating to Maningrida Township1971 - 19810OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 49Records relating to Nungalinya College, Darwin1971 - 19820OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 42Records relating to Gapuwiyak (Lake Evalla) Township1973 - 19830OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 54Records relating to the Arnhem Land Progress Association1974 - 19760OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 57Records relating to land rights and land councils1976 - 19800OpenDarwin (NTAC)
NTRS 63List of records received by the Northern Territory Archives Service from Uniting Church, Northern Synod1984 - 19840Agreement PendingDarwin (NTAC)